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Lirik Lagu Super Junior [MARRY U]


[EUNHYUK] Love oh baby my girl
Geudaen naui juhnbu nunbushige areumdawoon
Naui shinbu shini jushin suhnmul
Haengbokhangayo geudaeui ggaman nunesuh nunmuri heureujyo
Ggaman muhri pappuri dwel ddaeggajido
Naui sarang naui geudae saranghal guhseul na maengsehalgeyo

[SUNGMIN] Geudaereul saranghandaneun mal pyuhngsaeng maeil haejugo shipuh
[RYEOWOOK] Would you marry me? Nuhl saranghago akkimyuh saragago shipuh

[KANGIN] Geudaega jami deul ddaemada nae pare jaewuhjugo shipuh
[HEENIM] Would you marry me? Iruhn naui maeum huhrakhaejullae?

[KYUHYUN] Pyuhngsaeng gyuhte isseulge (I do) Nuhl saranghaneun guhl (I do)
[YESUNG] Nungwa biga wado akkyuhjumyuhnsuh (I do)
Nuhreul jikyuhjulge (My love)

[DONGHAE] Hayan dressreul ibeun geudae tuxedoreul ibeun naui moseup
Balguhreumeul matchumyuh guhdneun woori juh dalnimgwa byuhre
I swear guhjitmal shiruh uishimshiruh
Saranghaneun naui gongju Stay with me

[SIWON] Wooriga naireul muhguhdo wooseumyuh saragago shipuh
[LEETEUK] Would you marry me? Naui modeun nareul hamgge haejullae?

[RYEOWOOK] Himdeulgo uhryuhwuhdo (I do) Neul naega isseulgge (I do)
[YESUNG] Woori hamggehaneun manheun nal dongan (I do) Maeil gamsahalge (My love)

[KYUHYUN] Orae juhnbutuh nuhreul wihae junbihan
Nae sone bitnaneun banjireul badajwuh
[YESUNG] Oneulgwa gateun maeumeuro jigeumui yaksok giuhkhalge
Would you marry me?

[SUNGMIN] Pyuhngsaeng gyuhte isseulge (I do) Nuhl saranghaneun guhl (I do)
Nungwa biga wado akkyuhjumyuhnsuh (I do) nuhreul jikyuhjulge (I do)

[ALL] Himdeulgo uhryuhwuhdo (I do) Neul naega isseulgge (I do)
Woori hamggehaneun manheun nal dongan (I do) Maeil gamsahalge (My love)

[EUNHYUK] Naega geudae ege deuril guhseun sarangbakke uhbjyo
Geujuh geuppuninguhl bojalguhtuhbjyo
Suhtulluhboigo manhi bujokhaedo naui sarang
Naui geudae jikyuhjulgeyo
Hangajiman yaksokhaejullae? Museunil issuhdo
Woori suhro saranghagiro geuppuniya

[RYEOWOOK] Nawa gyuhrhonhaejullae? I do

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